About our school

The Sister Marie Laurence Primary School is one of the six Roman Catholic Schools on St. Maarten.

We consist out of eight groups/classes and one early stimulation group which we started this school year August. The groups are divided into two cycles; cycle 1 being group 1-4 and cycle 2 being group 5-8.

We stress not only on the academic area, but also the spiritual development and social/emotional growth of our students. Education is the key to success, the key the wisdom and growth. We see every child as a unique individual, we are here to ensure that each and every child reaches his/her fullest potential.

A school day begins and ends with prayer. Each class receives religious instruction every day by their classroom teachers. 

Every year we are called; we are called by God as brothers and sister to deliver his messages. This year “We are Called to share with others”!

What may we share with others you may ask?

·        Love                    ·         Patience                   ·         Self- Control


·         Joy                     ·         Goodness

·         Peace                  ·         Faithfulness

·         Kindness              ·         Gentleness 


Here at Sister Marie Laurence, we stress on Family orientation. Thus being the reason why we are always encouraging parents to be active is their child development. A relationship between Parents, Student & Teacher is one of the best things to help a child to grow stronger mentally, socially, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

In group 5 (grade 3) the students are prepared for their First Holy Communion. 

During the school year, school masses will be held monthly and every Friday there is Prayer Service first thing in the morning on school premises. 







Our Mission

 We strive to be more than just your average district school. Besides our Catholic identity we are focused on “Character Building”. The children of today, are our leaders of tomorrow and what better way to have a strong future than through character.

We avow the acceptance of all children in our establishment and will prioritize the total well-being of each child, thereby assuring high self-esteem and self-confidence, which in turn will lead to the development of well-rounded world citizens. 

 “Nurturing the Child’s independence” (To nurture independence in children, autonomy, develop and nurture self-determination). 

 This entails molding A God-fearing individual; who will grow in the faith and live according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. 

 This independence will contribute toward the:

·         Total development of the child,

·         Foster feelings of safety

·         Trust

·         Critical thinking

·         Whole hearted involvement in learning activities

·         Responsibility

·         Respect and honesty

·         And will encourage the children to embark on a quest to discover, explore and participate to the fullest. 

As we called to spread the good news, we are also called to give your children/our children enough room, time and independence to grow in their own speed and grow beautifully nevertheless. 




Contact Info

Sint Marie Laurence School

Address : Ellis Drive #1
Middle Region
Country : Sint Maarten
Phone : 54 75752
Fax : 54 75752
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