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The Sr. Marie Laurence Community School caters to students that are attending the school in the morning hours, their siblings and also students from other schools that lives in the community.

Need to know:

·         The fee for the Community School is $75, - per month. 

·         T-shirts for the Community School can be purchased for $10, a piece.

·         We would like for the students to wear jeans pants or if they have gym that day they can keep their gym pants on.

·         The children are responsible for their bags. Please write your child’s name on their school bags. If bags left behind, please check the following day for your child bags.

Our new program is filled with educational, recreational fun activities. The list of this year’s activities are as follows:

-                       Tennis

-             Swimming


-                 Extra-Dutch           

-                 Art & craft With Tr. Penka          

s   Image result for science & maths png       Science & Maths         


It is the parents’ duty to check to see if the homework is in order and to make sure the child brings home and takes back to school their folder with the homework assignment or their books. By checking if your child’s homework is in order, gives you the opportunity to assist him/her with their homework when necessary. 

We are focused on creating a safe and peaceful environment for the students by consistently working with rules and agreements.

Note: If the students are not complying with the rules and agreements, there will be consequences. We will be sending out warning letters if we find it necessary. In this letter you will receive, information on your child’s behavior. There will be three warning letters. If there are no changes in the student’s behavior, the student will be suspended (3 days) from the Community School, which can later lead to expulsion.


Healthy eating is a new focus we have implemented in the Community School.

We are proving healthy meal- sandwiches for lunch. Fruits will be shared out at 4:00 pm for the children.


Our aim is to have a good relationship with the parents and students.

Good communication is very important for a good relationship.

You are always welcome to walk in to ask about your child’s performance or to volunteer to help us. 

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Do remember that every accomplishment will be in the benefit of us all.

Kind regards,


Stella Richardson  







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