Positive Behavior Support

“A positive attitude will bring forth positive actions and a positive person”.


Have you ever observe how things go when you think positive first instead of negative? Practice makes perfect and thus is one of our reasons here at SML to practice positive thinking and positive behavior.

Our aim with Positive Behavior Support is to create a safe learning environment that promotes social, emotional and academic development in all our students here at school.

The approach we are looking at is to eliminate and prevent problem behavior and encourage positive. 

To better explain the picture you see below:

  •  85% are strategies that will be implemented throughout the school to support positive behavior of all students (example is the blue and yellow arrows painted throughout all the stairs in the school)
  • 10% are mainly focused on the children that need more support at a targeted level
  • 5% are focused on the students who do not respond to the implemented strategies. For those there is an individual support in plan





All students must follow

the blue or yellow line throughout

the school



Implementing the Coin reward


 Coin reward system works as follows:

  • Students receive a coin when they behave extremely good (behavior should be consistent)
  • Tokens should be earned (mainly within the classroom
  • Students receive a coin when they are caught doing good unexpectedly
  • Coins can’t be taken back by teacher’s when/if a child misbehaves after receiving a coin
  • When the student receives a coin, he/she has to give the coin to the class teacher that same day who puts it in the token cup of that specific child
  • When a student has 10 tokens, he/she gets a rubber bracelet
  • Every time a child receives a token, he/she is told exactly why he/she received that token
  • Every month we hold a PBS party in the gym where we acknowledge the class who receive the most coins in that month and the children individually
  • The children who receives 10 tokens, get their picture taken and it is then hanged on the PBS wall of fame
  • The tokens, bracelets, rubber bands, PBS wall of fame and PBS party are forms of reminders and encouragement to let the children know “Hey you are doing a great job, I noticed it and I am proud of you. Keep it up”

If you would like to know more about PBS through our pictures click here


SSeptember 30,2016 Awards Presentation

BBest Class walking in line        

BBest Class Standing in line

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